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1638 Cars Available

Hurst Rent a Car | Car Hire Belfast | Van Hire Belfast

Make Hurst RentaCar your first choice for affordable, reliable car and van hire in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland by calling 0844 659 4000.

 Rentacar | Charles HUrst Belfast


We’re a long-standing rental company in the area, providing cars, vans and other commercial vehicles for daily and long-term hire.

Our car rental services are suited to both Private and Business Drivers, offering a broad range of vehicles.

Rental is kept simple and convenient for customers at Hurst Rent a Car. With vehicle and delivery and collection services renting a car in Belfast could not be easier. 

We Keep a large number of vehicles in stock so you can select your ideal rental car and drive away today.


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Cars And Vans In Belfast at Hurst RentACar

Find a rental car or van to meet your needs at Hurst Rent a Car. Customers can choose from a wide range of vehicles on short term or long term hire.

From compact hatchbacks to large delivery vans we have vehicles to suit any customer needs. Select your rental vehicle:

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Convenient And Relieable Vehicle Hire

Once you’ve selected any car or van from us, our dedicated Rental Support team will be on hand to help you for the duration of your hire term. We provide the important details that you’ll need in the event of an accident or breakdown, and can be contacted for support at any time.

At the end of your rental, you can either drop the vehicle off at our head office or request a collection. If you need to return the car outside of our opening hours, simply ask and we’ll arrange a more convenient time for you.

Find out more about the car rental pick-up requirements at our head office, including which documents you’ll need and how to pay, and check our location and opening times to plan your visit.

To talk through the hire process and receive more information from a member of our team, please call or visit us – or use the booking and enquiry form below to contact us online.

Book Your Car Or Van Today

Hurst RentaCar offers Convenience, Reliability, Reassurance and Trust.

For a competitive quote for Car or Van hire in Belfast, Contact us today on 0844 659 4000 or complete the booking enquiry form below.


Please click the following for more information:

Car Rental Pick up requirements in Belfast (what you need to bring and how to pay)
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Peugeot 208 - from £26 per day
Peugeot 208 - from £26 per day


 'the Peugeot 208 is the most anticipated new car of 2012 and it is available at Hurst Rent a Car'

1-2 Days: £35 per day           3-6 Days£32 per day

7-27 Days£29.50 per day    28 Days+: £26 per day

Peugeot 107 - from £24 per day
Peugeot 107 - from £24 per day


 'the 107 is a nimble city car with stylish 

1-2 Days: £30 per day           3-6 Days£28 per day

7-27 Days£26 per day          28 Days+: £24 per day

Partner Van - from £25 per day
Partner Van - from £25 per day


 'dynamic van, spacious throughout the cabin and storage 

1-2 Days: £32 per day           3-6 Days£30 per day

7-27 Days£28 per day          28 Days+: £25 per day

Peugeot 207 - from £26 per day
Peugeot 207 - from £26 per day


 'the 207 is a sporty hatchback with an attractive appearance' 

1-2 Days: £35 per day           3-6 Days: £32 per day

7-27 Days: £29.50 per day    28 Days+: £26 per day

Peugeot 308 - from £28 per day
Peugeot 308 - from £28 per day


 'a compact family car that performs well in 
the city'  

1-2 Days: £38 per day           3-6 Days£35 per day

7-27 Days£30 per day          28 Days+: £28 per day

3008 - from £30.90 per day
3008 - from £30.90 per day


 'the 3008 provides comfort and safety for the 
whole family'  

1-2 Days: £42 per day           3-6 Days£39 per day

7-27 Days£34.90 per day      28 Days+: £30.90 per day

5008 7 Seater - from £47.50 per day
5008 7 Seater - from £47.50 per day


 'pratical and well equipt family car with a
spacious cabin'  

1-2 Days: £53 per day           3-6 Days£51.50 per day

7-27 Days£49 per day          28 Days+: £47.50 per day

Expert Tepee 9 Seater - from £49 per day
Expert Tepee 9 Seater - from £49 per day


 'comfortably and safely seating 9 people this vehicle stands out in the MPV market'  

1-2 Days: £89 per day           3-6 Days£79 per day

7-27 Days: £69 per day          28 Days+: £49 per day

Expert Van - from £28 per day
Expert Van - from £28 per day


 'enhanced comfort combined with extra storage 

1-2 Days: £34 per day           3-6 Days£32 per day

7-27 Days£30 per day          28 Days+: £28 per day

Boxer Van - from £40 per day
Boxer Van - from £40 per day


 'featuring a low loading lip and sliding doors to make
everyday use easier'  

1-2 Days: £55 per day           3-6 Days£50 per day

7-27 Days£45 per day          28 Days+: £40 per day

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