New Hyundai Genesis keeps drivers at safe speeds around cameras

30th June 2014

Hyundai has revealed that the new Genesis will arrive in showrooms in 2015 featuring a system that slows the vehicle for speed cameras.

The car is set to come equipped with a built-in map of UK speed cameras and average speed cameras, alongside GPS and Automatic Emergency Braking technology. When the GPS system detects that the vehicle is going over the limit approaching a speed camera, the Automatic Emergency Braking will engage and slow the car down.

The technology also extends to warning the driver in advance of speed cameras. When the vehicle comes within 800 metres of a speed camera, the car will alert the driver to the speed limit and emit an audible warning if the driver does not decelerate, before automatically slowing the car down.

With this technology up and working, the possibilities for Hyundai to develop its unique system are numerous. Drivers should look out for vehicles hitting the market within the next few years that automatically adjust the speed limit throughout a journey, not just where there are cameras. The roads are looking a much safer place with Hyundai’s innovative new technology.

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