Interbrand Celebrates Hyundai Reputation

According to Richard Brandson ‘Your brand name is only as good as your reputation’. And this is something that Hyundai can attest to. For the Korean car manufacturer, according to Interbrand, has grown 8.5% in brand value since last year, making them the industry’s seventh largest.

Embarking on an intensive period of marketing Hyundai Motor has successfully boosted its awareness with motorists. Targeting in particular the areas of culture, sport, corporate social responsibility through its new, high quality products, Hyundai Motor has been connecting with more and more customers globally.

Acknowledging the achievement, Mike Rocha, Global Brand Valuation Director, Interbrand said, “Despite a hyper-competitive environment, Hyundai has managed to enhance its global presence through a remarkable refinement of its products and brand spaces. Hyundai Motor's continuous commitment to providing an extraordinary customer experience at every opportunity is helping to position the global carmaker as a truly differentiated brand in many markets across the globe.”

Won Hong Cho, Chief Marketing Officer, Hyundai Motor said, “In 2015, our Modern Premium brand direction has become more visible, and even more exciting initiatives are soon to follow. Looking into the future, we see ourselves playing a central role in redefining mobility and shaping it with humanity at heart. To get there, we pledge to become a truly caring company, not just one people like for the cars it makes, but one that is beloved for what it stands for.”

Recently undertaking an overhaul of its sales process, Hyundai has effectively digitalised this key business area and is also looking at new ways to interact with customers.