Hyundai to release updated i40 in 2015

9th July 2014

Hyundai is continuing to refresh its model line-up with the announcement that, like the i30, its i40 saloon is also set for a facelift for 2015. The brand’s design team has focused mainly on the front end of the model, opting to make subtle tweaks rather than a major overhaul.

An i40 test vehicle with a disguised nose has been spotted, and a bolder multi-bar front grille could be seen below the large ‘H’ badge. This design cue is one shared with the incoming Genesis saloon, and could make its way to further models if the vehicle family update continues. On either side of the front bumper prominent air intakes can be seen, and the light arrangement on the front face is set to remain the same.

The engines offered with the current-generation i40 are anticipated to be carried over, meaning buyers should have a choice of the 1.7-litre CRDi with 113bhp or 134bhp. The larger unit fitted to the existing saloon has a top speed of 125mph, and makes the dash from 0-60mph in around 10.3 seconds.

The new i40 will likely be unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show next March, and sales in Europe can therefore be expected shortly after. To test drive the model when it arrives, contact Charles Hurst’s welcoming Hyundai dealership in Dundonald.