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New Toyota Land Cruiser

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New Toyota Land Cruiser

Engineered and evolved over 60 years, today’s Land Cruiser will take you from the heart of the city to the wilds of the country with style and comfort. Its contemporary good looks combine with robust 4WD functionality and a high quality interior featuring fold-flat seating for maximum versatility. Presented with new safety technology, a major drivetrain upgrade and enhanced multimedia features make this makeover far more than metal-skin deep.


The bulky, yet compact design of this crossover vehicle puts it midway between being a sturdy city car and a full-blown, out of town 4x4 workhorse. Its design works well enough in most situations, whether urban, suburban or country. It is compact enough for easy city parking, yet large enough for a degree of off-road activity. The Toyota Rav 4 looks and behaves like a reliable family vehicle without a large dose of sporting machismo.​ 


Over the years, the Toyota Land Cruiser has become known as a sturdy vehicle capable of tackling pretty much any sort of terrain with relative ease. As such, it has gained a loyal following among drivers who need a hard-working heavyweight as their vehicle of choice. The 5.7 litre engines, with six automatic gears and four-wheel drive, simply adds to the overall staying power of the SUV, which can cope with conditions almost anywhere the driver takes it. The performance of the 3-litre engined models are also more than sufficient for demanding off-road driving. 


The 3-litre diesel version of the Toyota Land Cruiser gives a competitive fuel consumption rate in its class of large SUV. This vehicle is perfect for when constant off-road use is required in tough environments, the performance and reliability of the engine is far beyond average. 


The Land Cruiser Icon offers a wide range of packages that allow it’s user to personalise their experience. Every car comes with a leather steering wheel, automatic air conditioning, and a reversing camera. The Land Cruiser is kitted with modern gadgets including the Toyota Touch® 2 with Go multimedia system and bluetooth connectivity. Other features include a reversing camera, cruise control and telephone controls on the steering wheel to enable an optimized user experience.

Toyota Touch® 2 with Go

The TOYOTA TOUCH® 2 multimedia system incorporates advances in technology which will allow you to experience a world of information and entertainment at your fingertip, displayed in a stream of high-resolution colour rich graphics on a touch screen that works with a simple drag and flick interface.

Designed with inbuilt mapping of city attractions, voice recognition and text-to-speech you can simply tell the system exactly where you would like to go, all the while being able to select and listen to your music through the same screen. Toyota Touch® 2 with Go has enhanced satellite navigation with clear visuals showing signposts, junctions and lanes with real-time traffic updates alerting you to congestion on your route and suggesting detours. Combine this with the reassurance of speed limit and speed camera warnings and you can begin to relax and enjoy those long journeys again.​

Safety features

The safety features of the Toyota Rav 4 are very impressive and there is good protection for both adults and children, including a full set of nine airbags and child seat fixings. The four-wheel drive system ensures that there is a high level of grip, even in the most adverse road conditions. There is a back-up system available in case one axle loses traction at any point. The inclusion of run-flat tyres provides added protection in the event of a blowout. 

The reliability and power of the Toyota Land Cruiser confirms that it is built to deal with the most challenging conditions and gives a good drive on all sorts of surfaces. The chassis is as tough as they come and built with safety in mind. The interior is just as safety conscious, with a full quota of airbags, while the glass break sensors are likely to deter would-be thieves.

To find out more about the new Toyota Land Cruiser call or visit Charles Hurst Toyota Northern Ireland today, or to book a test drive.

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