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James Bond's new Aston Martin DB10

In a press extravagaza at Pinewood Studios in London today, director Sam Mendes revealed some details on the 24th James Bond adventure. The film is titled 'Spectre' and will be filmed over the next seven months, with a release in October 2015. Daniel Craig returns as Bond, along with some familiar faces and new cast members, including Christoph Waltz. However, our main concern is of course with the all-important Bond car – what will he be driving in the new film?

Well, along with the title and cast, the new Bond car was also revealed. It will be an Aston Martin DB10 which has been developed exclusively for the new movie. According to the company, 'Production will be strictly limited to 10 of the bespoke sports cars, developed and built by the designers, engineers and highly skilled craftspeople at Aston Martin's Gaydon headquarters.'

Whilst this is sad news for fans looking to get their hands on one, Aston Martin indicated that the DB10 is a peek at the future design language of their next generation of cars.

The reveal marks a 50 years of history between the Bond movies and Aston Martin, stretching back to Goldfinger in 1964.

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