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The reinvention of Aston Martin starts with the DB9

17th June 2014

A complete rebirth of the prestigious Aston Martin vehicle range will begin in 2016, with the arrival of a brand new DB9. The line-up is expected to feature an all-new aluminium architecture and powerful engines from Mercedes-AMG.

This is the 'biggest product offensive' in the history of the manufacturer, as it looks to reposition as a supercar producer to directly rival Ferrari. Aston Martin is already well known for delivering quality, performance and luxury, and the emphasis on power and technology will become more evident.

Development of the DB9 is nearing the final stages and is pencilled in for a 2016 release. The engine is being specifically developed and tuned for the model, and the next-generation VH architecture is lighter and more rigid. Under the new architecture, wheelbases can be adapted and components can be easily shared across the Aston Martin vehicle range.

It will be followed by new V8 and V12 Vantage cars in 2018 and the all-new Vanquish in 2019. There are strong rumours of a 2020 Rapide and 2021 Lagonda SUV, neither of which has been officially confirmed by the manufacturer, and a future petrol-electric hybrid drive system.

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