Bentley boosts employment as SUV launch approaches

3rd June 2014

Bentley is approaching a milestone in the luxury brand's rich history, as the release of its first SUV approaches. The model is due to go on sale in 2016, and in preparation the manufacturer will create 140 new jobs at its Crewe headquarters.

This includes 90 skilled engineers as well as 51 apprenticeships, and the recruitment represents the largest single employment push at the company in a decade. In total, £800m will be invested over three years in what is a significant boost to British manufacturing. The incoming engineers will complete a variety of production tasks including work on the chassis, powertrain and electrical structures, and 40 of those will focus exclusively on the incoming 4x4.

The SUV will be the first from the British brand to feature a hybrid powertrain, and it will utilise the latest plug-in technology to offer cleaner performance with no loss of legendary Bentley power. In another first, the hybrid SUV is expected to use a diesel engine for its combustion element, and a revised 4.2-litre V8 used by Bentley's sister company Audi is the most likely unit.

The four-wheel drive model's arrival will be a landmark moment for Bentley, and you can take ownership of your own example with Charles Hurst in Belfast. Stay in touch with our team for more on the model and all other stunning cars in the line-up.