Extraordinary dinner at CW1 House

Celebrations in honour of the centenary​

In celebration of 100 years of Bentley, the team at Bentley Belfast and customers were invited to attend the Extraordinary Dinner held at CW1 House, the home of Bentley Motors.

The trip began at Belfast International Airport, where the party boarded their flight to Liverpool and were greeted across the water by a beautiful fleet of Continental GT's. Commencing their journey, the team and customers drove in convoy to their accommodation at the Chester Grosvenor Hotel where they were joined by other customers who had travelled for the dinner.

The streets, filled with Christmas markets, decorations and lights created the perfect setting for getting everyone in the festive spirit. The party continued on their travels to CW1 House for an elegant drinks reception and finally an Extraordinary Dinner accompanied by the hosts of Bentley Motors. Throughout the evening, the guests gained a further insight into the heritage of the brand as they raised their glasses to celebrate 100 years together.

The event was a great success for everyone involved and the team at Bentley Belfast thoroughly enjoyed sharing the pioneering story of Bentley Motors and its unparalleled heritage.