The Mulliner Portfolio

In the world of Mulliner, anything is possible. In our Mulliner workshop – your dreams become reality. Indeed, the only limits are your imagination. Have the thought, and we will galvanise the automotive world’s most dedicated craftspeople, supported by the vast styling and engineering experience of Bentley, to make it a reality. From requests as simple as monogrammed upholstery to the kind of elaborate tailored body modifications that can only be undertaken with the expertise of a truly established coachbuilder, the Mulliner team delivers luxury on a new level; rarity on a different scale.

Explore the exquisite Mulliner features that are now available to order at our showroom and find out how Mulliner is more than just customising a Bentley – it is personalising your life.

​Refrigerated Coolers

Mulliner has a long tradition of offering bespoke commissions that cater to the highly inidividual lifestyle of Bentley owners. Which is why we are pleased to announce that Mulliner now offers three beautifully-appointed cooler and cabinet options, available on Mulsanne and Flying Spur. ​​

The Refrigerated Drink Cooler

This cooler is designed specifically to cater to our Mulsanne and Mulsanne Speed customers who prefer to enjoy non-alcoholic drinks while on the move. Handcrafted from frosted glass and solid chromed metal, you can take time out between destinations to quench your thirst and satiate your hunger. With room for two one-litre bottles, a small confectionary tray and two exquisitely-made drinking glasses. When in use, the glasses can be placed in the bespoke bright chrome glass holders that deploy from the centre seat cushion.

The Illuminated Cocktail Cooler​

This cabinet gives Mulsanne and Mulsanne Speed customers the refined pleasure and ultimate luxury of enjoying a sip of their favorite spirit while they travel. The cabinet is crafted by hand from solid wood. With an elegantly illuminated interior and sliding drawer that reveals two bespoke crystal decanters are nestled beside a Bentley-branded stainless steel hipflask. As one would expect from Mulliner, the interior trim can be matched to the hues of the car’s interior, with further personalised embroidery available. If you have chosen the Hidden Delight Mulliner specification, it can of course be matched to that, too.​​

The Refrigerated Champagne Cooler

After listening to the requirements of our Flying Spur customers – an essential element of how our team at Mulliner work – this superb refrigerated champagne cooler has now been made available. Built and finished by hand, using frosted glass and chromed solid metal, the cooler space has storage that can turn any journey into a celebration. As well as room for a bottle of fine champagne and a bottle stopper, there is also room for two bespoke champagne flutes. These flutes have been exclusively designed for Mulliner by David Redman of London. When in use, the beautiful glasses can be placed in the bespoke flute holders in the centre console armrest, so neither you nor your companion need ever spill a drop.

​Mulliner Picnic Hamper

Bentayga, the world’s first genuine luxury SUV, was created to take exquisite luxury to places it has never been seen before. The Linley Hamper by Mulliner, designed in collaboration with renowned British designer Linley, has been created to take the luxury picnic to the same places. Furnished with the finest examples of luxury crockery, cutlery and glassware, the Linley Hamper by Mulliner embraces the essence of Bentley’s luxury credentials – exquisite craftsmanship with incredible attention to detail. Consisting of three hand-trimmed compartments, all beautifully crafted as only Mulliner know how.A choice of Camel, Hotspur, Linen, Magnolia, Beluga or New Market Tan can adorn the interior of your hamper. To add that personal touch to an already unique motor car, Mulliner offers an embroidery service. A name, logo or family crest can be beautifully stitched into a specified section of the Hamper.


Mulliner LED Approach Lamps

Extend the experience to those moments when you approach or exit your vehicle with Mulliner. Available on the Continental, Flying Spur and Mulsanne models, the lamps are stowed discreetly in the wing mirror and are triggered instantly when unlocking the vehicle or opening the door.

They project the iconic Bentley Wings, or for the ultimate expression of personalisation an image of your choice, onto the ground in front of you, creating a well-lit area on even the darkest nights. An intricate 3-lens system projects the sharpest possible image, and the high-powered LED beam ensures every detail remains completely crisp. Because with Mulliner, even the things you can’t touch are perfectly crafted.


By inviting Mulliner to work on your behalf on the specification and finish of your Bentley, you are creating more than a customised car – you are creating a deeply personal statement that will grace every day of your life. And the process of personalising your car can be as pleasing and effortless as driving the finished vehicle itself. Take a moment to peruse a few of our many examples on this page. Bespoke hides for the upholstery, accent-coloured interior details and special Mulliner additions can be specified and chosen at your ease.

Bespoke Hides

With Mulliner, almost any visible feature of your Bentley can be finished in a bespoke colour – even the hand-stitched leather hides used to upholster the cabin interior, and it doesn’t stop there. The embroidery, the carpets and the exterior paintwork can also be colour-matched to a sample you provide, our experts can recreate any shade you specify and reproduce it anywhere in your car. Your new colour can be combined with any existing hue from the Bentley range or, if you prefer, you can use it throughout, to the exclusion of all others. To see some inspiring examples of what’s possible with Mulliner Bespoke Hides, watch our short film.

​Hidden Delights

Like all true artisans, Mulliner draws inspiration from other masters of their craft. Hidden Delights are created to complement the embroidery and stitching seen inside the Mulsanne, which is the only car in the world for which they are all available. They add a depth of sophistication and a sense of surprise to the interior of your Bentley. There is no greater pleasure than catching a glimpse of a striking accent colour, which had been lovingly adorned into the cabin’s usually unseen areas. Inspiration has been drawn from around the globe, the natural world and even across time itself. There are five Hidden Delight colours to choose from.

Bespoke Painted Veneers

Our painted veneer finish, unveiled for the first time on the Flying Spur, is now available through Mulliner on all our models. It offers a cool, contemporary finish that sits beautifully alongside our wide range of interior hide options. Bentley’s master craftspeople carefully select the veneers, mirror match them and fix them to a substrate. The veneer is then hand sanded to a perfectly smooth finish before it is painted. Once dry, the veneer is polished with lamb’s wool to achieve a mirror-like finish. Colours available: Moonbeam, Dark Sapphire, Glacier White, Anthracite, Light Gazelle

GT Design Seats

The GT Design Seat by Mulliner brings an even more competitive edge to the interior of the iconic grand tourer, the Continental. Our master artisans have created an eye-catching way to personalise a new Continental GT Speed. Including a special seat configuration incorporating a brand new colour accent, which can be beautifully complemented with contrast stitching to the diamond-quilted area and Bentley emblem. This is but one example. There are many ways to accentuate and embellish the feeling of exhilaration you can only feel in a Continental.

Tourbillon By Breitling

A well-crafted timepiece, like a well-crafted car, is a thing of rare beauty. Which is why we are pleased to announce that Bentley has entered into a prestigious collaboration with Breitling. In doing so they have created the ultimate object of desire for the Bentayga – the finest timepiece ever installed in a Bentley. Combining natural materials valued for their beauty and rarity, with only the most advanced in-car technologies, the Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling is the embodiment of luxury, performance and accuracy.

For more information on the exquisite Mulliner features available for your Bentley, please contact the Bentley Belfast showroom or Make an Enquiry here.