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BMW introduces cornering ABS to sportsbikes

BMW has evolved its motorbike ABS system since the technology's reveal back in 1988 and its introduction in 2009's launch of the S1000 RR. Now, the manufacturer has progressed the tech even further with the release of ABS Pro, which improves braking when leaning into a corner.

ABS Pro combines the current braking set-up with sensors used by Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and Dynamic Damping Control (DDC), plus intelligent software. With information from each combined, the system can determine the bike's banking angle and transverse acceleration, as well as yaw and roll rates before adjusting braking for optimum performance.

The innovation has been designed specifically for the road and not the track, and aids stability even when making sudden braking manoeuvres mid-turn. Riders can benefit from ABS Pro in both Rain and Sport modes, but not Race and Slick which are suited to the track. It will at first be offered as a retrofit option with the HP4 model, before being rolled out across the line-up.

This latest advancement signals BMW's commitment to improving the safety of its bikes, and in the HP4 it will allow the 320mm front and 220mm rear disc brakes to adjust instantly to changing performance.

The HP4 and all other stunning new bikes from BMW Motorrad are available to test ride from Charles Hurst in Boucher Road.