First tests of the electric BMW C evolution scooter

Reviewers at The Telegraph have tested the BMW C evolution – the very first electric scooter from the manufacturer. It’s unrivalled by the brand’s main challengers, and could signal a viable new electric alternative for riders in the UK.

An inaugural ‘TT Zero’ race for electric bikes, held during the TT season on the Isle of Man in 2009, first sparked interest in the prospect of road-going versions. It generated significant interest, and manufacturers have been working hard to build and launch the first full version ever since. American brand Zero made an initial launch, yet have withdrawn from the UK – leaving BMW as the sole provider.

Its fully electric scooter has been developed alongside the new i3 electric car, with both carrying lithium-ion batteries. The C evolution’s four riding modes are selectable with the right handlebar, with Road, Dynamic, Eco Pro and Sail configurations for varied journeys.

The C evolution is set to claim a real-world range of close to 60 miles from a full charge – and it can be recharged fully within four hours at a rough cost of £2. A liquid-cooled motor delivers as much as 48bhp, which is more than the majority of maxi-scooters, and it can reach an electronically-limited top speed of 75mph. Under UK bike licensing regulations, the C evolution can also be ridden on a restricted A1 licence, making it ideal for first-time riders.

In review, The Telegraph has praised the scooter’s “excellent” handling, “enthusiastic cornering” and “firm, well-damped suspension”.

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