Helite Vest Now Available at Charles Hurst BMW Motorrad


The Helite motorcycle jacket uses CE certified armors to protect the shoulders, elbows and the spine but most importantly, the Helite jacket also incorporates a CE certified airbag system. In the event of an accident, when the rider is thrown from the motorcycle, the airbag jacket instantly inflates (within 80 milliseconds) to protect the rider's upper body.

The activation is simple and automatic. A coiled wire attaches the motorcycle to the airbag jacket. If the rider is abnormally separated from the motorcycle, the coiled wire triggers the release of CO2 gas to inflate the air cushions. The inflated jacket protects vulnerable parts of the upper body to prevent from serious injuries. After a few seconds the jacket deflates automatically. Once the jacket is deflated, a new cartridge can be installed and the jacket is ready to be reused.


Protecting two-wheeler drivers is of crucial importance. There are 3 times more mortal accidents with two-wheelers than with cars.

39% of the time, the motorcycle driver is not responsible for the mortal accident, which means a good driver is not necessarily facing fewer risks.

According to a European study 48% of the mortal accidents happen in the country and only 8% on the highways. These numbers confirm the importance of airbag jackets for motorcyclists. The garments are very effective in the city and the country, where the speed is not maximal but the dangerous obstacles are numerous.

Helite knows it cannot protect a motorcyclist from the worst accident situations: hitting a truck at 130 km/hour. However, Helite's objective is to constantly improve the airbag jacket in order to increase the number of situations from which a motorcyclist can be saved by the airbag. But let's keep in mind that the majority of the mortal accidents happening are situations that Helite already covers.