Vehicle Protection

We offer both Gtechniq and Bodyfence protection options for you vehicle.

Bodyfence PPF

The Bodyfence range has been developed by HEXIS R&D based on cutting edge technology and will protect your vehicle against external aggression such as stone chips, scratches, abrasions and UV rays.

We are the ONLY approved Bodyfence installer in the whole of Ireland, providing you with the best possible service for the ultimate protection to your vehicle.

As well as full protection details we can also offer backlight protection using a PU transparent film in a light grey finish.

As an approved installer having Bodyfence PPF installed with us means that you will receive a 7 year warranty on the product itself.

Gtechniq Platinum

Platinum is the high-performing solution for your car, powered by ceramic coating experts Gtechniq.

We are the ONLY Gtechniq Platinum in the whole of Ireland, uniquely placed to make sure your vehicle gets the top level service it deserves. and with prices starting at £499 GTechniq is a great way to protect you car both inside and out.

The system offers a scientifically tested, system of protective treatments that outperform anything else available on the market.

Exclusive to car dealerships – keeping them looking newer for longer, Platinum offers a solution for paint, glass, interior and wheels.

High-gloss, UV protection, durability and swirl resistance, all with a 5 year guarantee.

No other product offers such a high level of protection and finish to your pride and joy giving it that showroom style finish and protecting your vehicle into the future.

Our customers bring us Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, Mini, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Renault, every brand under the sun trusting that our Platinum rated service is second to none.

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