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Bumper Scuff Repairs

Our high quality bumper repair service can save you time, money and hassle. Our technicians use industry leading techniques and the latest technology to perfectly blend your bumper, leaving it in pristine condition.

Bumper scuffs, scratches and scores negatively affect the visual appearance of your vehicle and in turn will decrease its resale value. To avoid falling out of love with your car and wasting money on complete bumper replacement, we are now offering full bumper restoration at the most competitive prices in Northern Ireland.



The CarsmeticNI bumper repair team have over 60 years' experience in delivering high quality cosmetic car repairs. We can professionally repair bumpers in a matter of hours, so you can drop off and collect your vehicle on the same day. This service costs much less than bumper replacements from traditional body repair shops.

CarsmeticNI strives for excellence; therefore you can expect a perfectly blended finish regardless of whether you have a painted or textured bumper – we cross check the manufacturer's original colour code specification to ensure that the colour and texture of your bumper is flawlessly restored.

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