Citroën and DS split officially confirmed

11th September 2014

5744.jpgAfter months of speculation, the emergence of DS as a new line, separate to Citroën, has now been confirmed by the manufacturer.

DS models currently include the 3, 3 Cabrio, 4 and 5. The range will be completely detached from the rest of Citroën’s offering in the UK and Europe – this has already happened in several of the brand’s markets in Asia. Until new facilities are confirmed and built, both selections will continue to be sold from established Citroën dealerships.

To further distinguish between the two, DS is set to take a more sophisticated approach and positioning. Interior designs will be much more distinctive and luxurious, with extra equipment and technologies predicted. Citroën cars will remain as practical and affordable as motorists expect.

The future of the DS range has been hinted at with the announcement of a Divine DS concept, which is also being presented at the 2014 Paris Motor Show in October. No Citroën badging appears on the prototype, and this should be the norm for all upcoming DS cars.

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