The Citroën 2CV is revived in Yorkshire

27th August 2014

A Yorkshire man is making his own headway in the French vehicle market – by restoring and exporting classic Citroën 2CV cars back to the country.

The 2CV was first launched at the Paris Motor Show in 1948, having originally been designed for farm work before the start of World War II. The name derived from the phrase 'deux chevaux vapeur', or 'two steam horses'. It was affectionately known as the 'upside-down umbrella' thanks to its unique, eye-catching shape.

During its production run, close to five million models were sold worldwide – and it was available in the UK for around £5,000. In 1981, a bright yellow 2CV was driven by James Bond in the film 'For Your Eyes Only', in a memorable scene which included a chase through an olive farm in Spain.

Production of the economy car ended in 1990. Now, 2CV City in Bradford is revamping vehicles and selling them to eager European customers for up to £12,000 each. Owner Tony Shields receives most orders from France, the manufacturer's birthplace and the continued location for Citroën chassis production.

The company has seen orders rapidly increase, with shipments of up to 30 cars at a time, and has now admitted that demand may soon exceed supply.

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