(For vehicles 3 years and older)

Just because your vehicle is over three years old and may be out of warranty doesn’t mean we should CARE for it any less!




Vehicle Checks - Area 1

Interim Service

Major Service

Check for Body Defects
Check Mirrors

Check all Washers and Wipers

Check Hand Brake Operation

Check Exterior Mirrors

Vehicle Checks - Area 2

Interim Service

Major Service

Check Battery

Check and Top Up Screen Wash Fluids

Check Antifreeze Levels

Check all Exterior Lights are Operating

Check Seat Beat Tensioners & Operation

Check Operation of Interior Lights

Check Power Steering Fluid Level

Check/Inspect Drive Belts

Visual Inspection of Cooling System

Visual Inspection of Air Conditioning

Check Clutch Operation

Vehicle Checks - Area 3

Interim Service

Major Service

Remove all Wheels, Lubricate Hubs/Refit and Torque

Set Tyre Pressures

Inspect all Tyres/Including Spare for Wear

Inspect Front Pads and Discs

Inspect Rear Pads and Discs

Check Brake Cylinders

Change Brake Fluid
Inspect Steering Rack

Check for Oil/Gearbox Leaks

Inspect Rear Brake Shoes (via inspection hole)

Vehicle Checks - Area 4

Interim Service

Major Service

Replace Engine Oil Filter

Replace Engine Oil (fully synthetic)

Replace Air Filter

Replace Pollen Filter

Replace Fuel Filter

Check Exhaust System

Check Brake Pipes and Linings

Carry Out Road Test and Report

Replace Sump Plug Washer

Vehicle Checks - Area 5

Interim Service

Major Service

Road Test Operation of Brakes

Road Test Operation of Steering

Road Test Operation of Clutch

Road Test Operation of Heating System

Road Test Abnormal Noises

Inspect Warning Lights

Reset Service Indicators


We have a range of finance options available to you to help ease the burden of your service, after-sales and automotive care bills (including clothing and accessories from our Motorcycle Village).

  • 3 months 0% finance option available.
  • 6 months 0% finance option available (25% deposit paid in advance & 5 remaining payments thereafter.)
    (T&C's apply. Finance available subject to approval.)