Brake Pad and Disc Replacement

From £220

Brakes are key to your driving safety, but we are often asked questions about brakes feeling spongy,taking longer to stop or even grinding noise from the front or rear brakes.You and your Dacia car are welcome to visit Charles Hurst Dacia for a free brake safety check at any time if you are concerned with your brakes or braking performance.

Charles Hurst Dacia make a visual check of your brake discs and pads every time your Dacia comes to our workshop for servicing, MOT, repair, warranty or diagnostic work.On a service we also measure the actual thickness of the brake disc and brake pads and compare that to the Dacia minimum thickness standard to advise you on wear and replacement interval to keep you safe on the road.We also check the condition of your brake fluid and for any leaks from a brake hoses, and condition of handbrake cables – all for your peace of mind.

It’s important to change brake pads when they are near their minimum thickness to avoid unexpected brake failure. Replacing your brake pads before they completely wear to the metal brake pad backing extends the life of your brake disc, saves you money in the long run and keeps you safe on the road.

To book your vehicle in for a free brake check with trained Dacia Technicians click 'Make an Enquiry' above or call 02890 383535 today!

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