Welcome to Charles Hurst Electric and Hybrid Cars

Charles Hurst now offers a wide selection of electric and hybrid vehicles to customers across Northern Ireland. Encompassing a range of manufacturers and a variety of powertrains, our selection caters to the needs of environmentally-conscious motorists, no matter what their preferences.

As the performance of electric and hybrid vehicles improves, more and more customers are expressing an interest in these cars as an option for everyday use. From the well-established and popular Toyota Prius to the luxury Lexus CT 200h, we'll help you find the perfect car to cut your running costs as well as your emissions.

Our Charles Hurst technicians have also been trained to service and maintain electric and hybrid vehicles to the same exacting standards as traditional fuel cars. From battery maintenance to MOT testing, we can provide you with comprehensive aftersales care.

Should you have any questions about driving an electric or hybrid car, you can consult our FAQ section for more information. We also have a list of the charging points across Northern Ireland to help you plan journeys.Speak to a member of our knowledgeable team today to find out more about our range of electric and hybrid cars or to book a test drive.