Range Anxiety Explained

Range Anxiety

Range anxiety is used to describe the fear that a driver has when their vehicle has insufficient range to reach the final destination, leaving the car and passengers stranded.

This is one of the most prevalent concerns among potential hybrid, electric or plug-in customers. However research has shown that the vast majority of journey's taken by UK residents is under 10miles.

There are more than 43 public charging points throughout Northern Ireland so our customers are assured that they will have plenty of opportunities to charge your car. Having a charging point installed at your home will also reassure the customers that they will stay on the road for longer.

Nissan have promised all new Leaf owners that they will recover them and their vehicle for the first year after purchase, should any drivers run out of charge. At Charles Hurst Nissan and Renault they have a charging point that customers can use to charge their vehicle at anytime for free.