Each Ferrari has a precise alignment setting for its wheels and in the unfortunate event that you hit a pot-hole or make contact with a kerb your cars tracking could be effected.

As well as improved fuel economy, a smoother ride and more precise handling, correct wheel alignment will reduce the wear on your Ferrari and extend the life of its tyres.

We would like to invite you to Charles Hurst Ferrari Belfast to take advantage of a complimentary wheel alignment check carried out by our Ferrari Approved Technicians.

Our workshop is fully equipped with the latest Hunter HawkEye Elite TD wheel alignment technology. This revolutionary system uses high-resolution digital cameras that provide extremely accurate results and ensure no metal-to-metal contact that could damage your wheels thanks to patented QuickGrip™ adaptors.

A wheel alignment adjustment at Charles Hurst Ferrari is available from £150.00 incl of VAT (prices may vary depending on model).

If you believe your Ferrari could require its wheel alignment checked, please contact Daniel or Marco to take advantage of our complimentary wheel alignment check.