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Finding the right finance deal can be as important as finding the right car.

Choosing a car from a Charles Hurst dealership ensures you are buying from a company that prides itself in delivering industry leading customer service. Whether you're looking for an economical first car, an executive saloon, or even a stylish yet practical family4x4 we can offer you competitive finance tailored to suit your unique circumstances.

Our finance plans will ensure you can access a personalised purchase plan that is as well built as the vehicle of your choice. Easily accessible, our team of skilled finance experts can advise you on the range of options available when you are looking to finance your vehicle's purchase. They will also provide a quotation that is simple to understand and jargon-free, enabling you to view all the information in an easy to use format.

Which Car Finance Option Best Matches Your Needs?

One option that may suit your needs is the Personal Contract Plan (or PCP). Under this arrangement the relevant Finance company will buy the vehicle on your behalf. Thereafter it will be your responsibility to make the agreed monthly payments for the remainder of the agreement. A percentage of the value of the vehicle will be postponed until the end of the agreement. This is called the Guaranteed Future Value which is the minimum value that we can guarantee your vehicle will be worth. At the end of the period, you will have three options: i) part-exchange the vehicle for a new one, ii) pay the optional final payment and take ownership of the car or iii) return your car with no further payments (subject to terms and conditions).

Somewhat similar to PCP, under Personal Contract Hire or PCH, ownership of the vehicle is not transferred at the end of the agreement and instead the car is simply returned to the dealer. If preferred another vehicle could then be chosen under the same arrangement (this would be subject to credit checks).

As an alternative your car may be purchased through a hire purchase agreement (HP). Following a deposit, the remaining balance of the value of the car is paid in equal monthly instalments, generally over a time span of between one and five years. In practical terms you are hiring the car until you make your final payment. After this you will own it fully.

Contact us today for more information on any of these finance options or to discuss other ways to make a purchase. One of our finance experts will be pleased to spend time and answer any questions you may have and talk you through the variety of finance available.

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