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Air Conditioning Re-gas

Available from £49.99

Keep your Air Conditioning running in top condition all year round.

Maintaining a healthy and operational Air Conditioning System is vital in order to avail of the intended benefits. Save time and effort in the morning Rush Hour Traffic - demist your windows quickly and efficiently.

If your vehicle's air conditioning isn't maintained properly, it can cause more harm than good. Our full Air Conditioning Service can improve the efficiency of your air con system. When you bring your Hyundai to us, our trained technicians will use only Genuine Hyundai replacement parts to complete the service.

Our Air Con Re-gas consists of:

  • A recharge of the air conditioning gas
  • Replacement of compressor oil

  • Once connected up to our Air Conditioning Station it will recover any refrigerant in your vehicle's system & separate the lubricant from the gas. It then vacuums the system for about 20 minutes.

    This vacuum cleans and extracts any unwanted moisture from the system and also gives us an indication if there is a leak. The station then recharges the refrigerant and adds clean lubricating oil.