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What It Is and How to Use It

With the emergence of new rules and advanced developments in technology, Jaguar is proud to say that their cars have never before been better for the environment. Selective Catalytic Reduction assists in achieving this which includes adding a special Diesel Exhaust Fluid called AdBlue® to your Jaguar's exhaust system. AdBlue® transforms harmful emission into water and other harmful gases, however, to be effective it is important to maintain it at a sufficient level. When you are due to fill up your AdBlue®, you will be given notice in the form of warnings that appear on your car's dashboard. When the countdown reaches 0 miles, the vehicle will be prevented from re-starting after the next engine switch-off; this is to ensure the vehicle fully complies with new legislation.

If you are apart of a Charles Hurst Land Jaguar Service Plan, your AdBlue® will be replenished for you at no extra cost. Otherwise we offer top-ups of AdBlue® for the price of just £29.99. Click below to find out more

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