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Get a Fixed Price Service From Just £129 including VAT
Just another great value fixed price offer from the people who know your Jeep best.

From just £129 our Jeep trained technicians will carry out an interim service using only Jeep genuine parts that come with a minimum 12 month warranty. With us, the price you see is the price you’ll pay – VAT and labour are included. 

Our technicians will change the oil and oil filter, and top-up the anti-freeze, coolant, windscreen washer and power-steering fluid levels. Plus they’ll also check and adjust your tyre pressures.

Also included:
As well as all this, our technicians will also check:
Clutch, brakes, tyres and steering
Suspension, exhaust, drive shafts and gaiters
Glass, mirrors, seat belts and horn
Wipers and washers
Automatic transmission, battery and drive belts
Cables and wheel bearings
Brake pipes and hoses, brake fluid condition and temperature
Master cylinder and servo.

For full details and to book a service, please contact your local Charles Hurst Jeep branch today or:​​​​​