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Kia Picanto in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Kia Picanto models available from an authorised Kia dealership, Charles Hurst Kia, located in Belfast Northern Ireland. Boasting three or five door practicality, a sturdy cabin, lean body and a comprehensive set of safety and security features the new Kia Picanto is ideally suited to city driving. The dynamic Kia Picanto is well equipped with a generous kit and is available with a choice of two powerful petrol engines that promise unbeatable fuel economy.


Three of the five engine options for the Kia Picanto are inline-four cylinder petrol engines; 1.0 litre, 1.1 litre and 1.2 litre versions are available.
For those wanting a diesel option, the Kia Picanto offers an inline-three. This 1.1 litre engine is turbocharged, and represents the top of the line for this vehicle's engine options.

There is also a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) engine option for the Kia Picanto. This is also an inline-four model. The advantage of the LPG engine is the fact that in most countries liquefied petroleum gas costs considerably less than petrol or diesel. With that being said, the running costs of an LPG engine are often higher than petrol or diesel engines. The Kia Picanto LPG engine is 1.0 litre.

The transmissions offered on the Kia Picanto are a five-speed manual, as well as a four-speed automatic.


This hatchback has always been billed as a city car and its small size illustrates why; it is so very easy to fit into small spaces. Because the front and back of this vehicle have overhangs, it is a very easy vehicle to park, which is an important feature for city driving.

In terms of the interior, a common design for the Kia Picanto is two-toned upholstery. The controls for the stereo are mounted near those of the windscreen wipers. This design helps to ensure that drivers of the Kia Picanto can keep their eyes on the road, even when they want to change the music.

Though the five-door version is much more common, there is also a three-door Kia Picanto available. The colour options for the five-door model are brighter than the three-door version and include blue, grey, yellow, black and red. The three-door version of the Kia Picanto has simpler, more toned down colours, such as black, white and grey.

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