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Kia Venga in Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Kia Venga is a nifty, small car with intricate detailing and saloon benefits to make it practical for the city, family weekends away, and all your everyday needs. It's a solid, efficient choice.

Performance and handling

The Venga gets top marks for steering and gear changes, both of which are light and precise, making the driving experience dreamy, especially around congested city centres. The simplicity of the design makes bold notice of the dashing display panels and front window, aiding a simplistic, safe and confident experience behind the wheel. Furthermore, safety is key for Kia, with three-point seatbelts and airbags all round, both side and curtain.

Exterior styling

Practical wide doors serve both front and back seating, allowing for comfortable and accessible manoeuvring in and out of the vehicle, especially when carrying large items of luggage.
From outside, the vehicle is a streamlined little thing, adept to fit in the tightest parking spots and the narrowest of lanes. It's a compact car with a lavish outlook, with a bold high-roof sitting over attractive streamlined windows.

Engine specifications and fuel economy

Featuring ground-breaking technology which starts and stops the engine at traffic lights and other pauses in your journey, the Kia Venga has good economical practice at heart. These Eco dynamics extend to emission output. Five of the model types slot into Group B on the emissions scale, meaning you will pay only £20 a year Vehicle Excise Duty.

Engines are available in 1.4 and 1.6-litre petrol, and there are diesel variants available too. Not satisfied with just low emission engines, however, the Korean manufacturer has introduced an electric version of the new Kia Venga, using Lithium Polymer battery power.

Interior styling

This is where the surprise really kicks in. Lavish and roomy, the simplistic and charming interior has room enough for five. For transporting awkward loads, space is enhanced by 60:40 simple-fold-and-dive rear seats which fold into the floor creating a vast 1,253 litres cargo bay.

Summarising the Kia Venga

This vehicle is a much sought-after purchase, and one you should make for all the right reasons: economically savvy, friendly to look at and a really accessible drive, the Kia Venga should be taken seriously. Find out more about the new Kia Venga by contacting your local Charles Hurst Kia dealership in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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