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More is known on Kia’s new Sorento SUV

Kia’s new Sorento SUV will make its first appearance at this year’s Paris Motor Show in October, and the manufacturer has revealed more on what motorists can look forward to. The brand has claimed that the car will be better than ever, with quieter engines and safety advancements among the changes.

Buyers can expect a more relaxed time in the cockpit, as cabin noise will drop by between three and six percent depending on speed and road surface. To achieve this, Kia has engineered new covers for the timing chain and diesel particulate filter, and also made the dashboard 29 percent thicker. These developments apply across the SUV’s five-engine line-up, which will be fitted to a revised chassis.

Twice as much high-strength steel will be used to construct the incoming Sorento’s frame, which will also contribute to a smooth drive and less interior noise. The chassis will be 14 percent more rigid to stand up to collisions superbly, while lane departure and blind spot warning systems alongside speed limit recognition work to prevent incidents in the first instance.

The seven-seater SUV’s dimensions also change, and at 9.5cm longer than the previous model, the new Sorento will offer extra space to occupants. The wheelbase will also increase by 8cm, helping the vehicle maintain a steady ride at higher speeds.

After its debut in Paris, the next-generation Sorento will go on sale in the UK in early 2015, and motorists in Belfast can get a great deal from Charles Hurst. Register your interest today and be the first to test drive the car on arrival.