Land Rover Extended Warranties

Comprehensive Protection

Enhance your Land Rover cover with one of our premium level Extended Warranties. Available for up to 12 months, during this period you will have complete peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will be looked after by our certified technicians, using genuine Land Rover parts.This will effectively provide expert protection for your investment along with reducing your cost of ownership. In the time following your extended warranty, you can choose to renew your cover for a further period depending on the age or model of your car.

Payment Packages

At Land Rover Belfast, our Servicing Offers are designed with our customers in mind. Therefore, you can choose to pay for your Land Rover Extended Warranty over 10 manageable monthly payments or in one single lump sum. We ensure that our prices are highly competitive and the very best value for money.

Hassle Free MOT Included

When you purchase a Land Rover Extended Warranty, you will receive a complementary Hassle Free MOT worth the value of £59.99 that includes the test fee. For more information on our complete Hassle Free MOT Package please click here.

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