Lexus LS in Northern Ireland

View the new Lexus LS, now available from Charles Hurst Lexus dealers in Belfast.

The flagship Lexus Hybrid Drive model, the Lexus LS, seamlessly delivers immense power alongside reduced CO2 emissions and improved fuel economy. As the world's first luxury performance hybrid saloon, the LS Series intelligently combines a petrol engine and electric motor to maximise performance at the same time as reducing cost and environmental impact.

The new Lexus LS is a modern and innovative vehicle that delivers a range of safety, security and comfort features. Features available include a 7" touch-screen control panel, intelligent parking assist, state of the art sound systems and advanced pre-crash safety.


The LS600h, a four-wheel drive car with CVT gearbox and Hybrid Synergy Drive electric motor, is aimed full-square at the market for comfortable, even plush, stately cars with enough performance to swallow down long journeys in one smooth draught. It is not meant to be a high performance car, but for road driving Lexus Hybrid Drive technology delivers rapid acceleration (0 – 62 mph in 6.3 seconds), impressive fuel economy, quiet running, and low emissions. This comes from a 5-litre V8 petrol engine plus high-performance electric motor intelligently combined to produce the thrilling performance of a 12-cylinder car with the lower emissions and fuel economy of a six-cylinder.

At lower speeds, travel may be emissions-free when the car runs only on electric power. When speed increases, the V8 engine takes over seamlessly. When the accelerator is depressed, the breathtaking performance of the LS 600h punches in as the electric motor and petrol engine combine for massive power, all delivered thanks to the continual orchestration of power resources.


Lexus claims that the LS is better equipped to actively avoid accidents and protect the occupants than any car yet made, and there is no reason to doubt them. These claims are made on the back of such innovations as their advanced headlight technology with I-AFS (Intelligent-Adaptive Front-lighting System), and the world's first application of LED (Light Emitting Diode) low-beam headlights. Then there is Advanced Pre-Crash Safety, made up of three elements: Advanced Obstacle Detection, Driver Monitoring System, and Rear Pre-Crash Safety, which combine in giving the driver greater help to avoid collisions, and help reduce damage and injury when impact is unavoidable.


This is a machine built for comfort, with DVD facilities and seats that massage and ventilate, rear seating that reclines to an almost flat bed, a self-park function, multi-zone climate, plus the electric drive system that generates silent, gentle acceleration to create an astonishing and almost surreal environment.

Simply put there are few, if any, cars better than the LS600, which is one reason why Lexus has reached new levels of recognition right up there with the very best. It has been suggested that this car is not built but hewn, somehow forged, and that if all cars were built to this standard, car manufacturers would die out because no one would ever need a new one.

This luxury saloon is available as a standard and extended wheelbase version. The extended wheel base LS 600h L offers enhanced rear seat comfort for a practical family vehicle.

For more information on both the new Lexus LS600 h and LS600h L, or to book a test drive, contact Charles Hurst Lexus.

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