Lexus Unveil Their New 'Roofless' Roadster Concept

The LF-C2

Inside the LF-C2 the sporty design continues with soft to touch white and grey leather surfaces, a leather steering wheel, and form-fitting seats. The dashboard features a central video monitor controlled by a Remote Touchpad with a classic analogue clock proudly displayed between the central air vents. The show stopping colour of the concept car was created by using a multi-layered paint process using a primer coat, a coat of silver paint, followed by a coat of golden yellow to reflect the silver giving it a luminous glow.

Yasuo Kajini the Chief Designer of the new LF-C2 concept said: “We've been instinctively drawn to and inspired by those things that capture the beauty of light. When you put something in the right light, people see it in the way they never have before".

Lexus showcased their brand new design style at the L.A. Motor Show this week by unveiling the LF-C2 a 2+2 open top roadster concept car. The LF-C2 concept has been derived from a simple sports car idea and turned into an extremely stylish 2+2 layout. Lexus want to show their devotion to creating innovative new car designs and an exceptional driving experience.

The LF-C2 concept is different from a traditional roadster in that it has no roof at all to cover the cabin, which Lexus say is 'designed to give driver and passenger the best top-down driving experience'. The exterior styling is similar to the RC Coupe that was launched last year, it has a large spindle grille which uses a braided mesh effect that changes appearance depending on what side you look at it. Keeping with Lexus's sport car design the LF-C2 has LED triangular headlights that sit between the menacing grille, vents in the front bumper direct cooling air to the brakes to help the front end stay stable. Sweeping lines run from the front bonnet round to the rear of the car giving it a muscular presence, while LED lights run the length of the interior below the window.