Lexus could release an even smaller SUV

Lexus’ new NX SUV is set to arrive in the UK in 2015, and the luxury manufacturer could extend its crossover offering with an even smaller model. The firm’s European vice president Alain Uyttenhoven has stated that production of such a car was “not impossible” and “made sense” for the brand, but did not confirm that its arrival is a certainty.

Lexus is looking at refining and diversifying its line-up to grow sales outside of its dominant North American market, which accounts for approximately half of total annual deliveries. Uyttenhoven expects buyer trends in Europe, China and Japan to follow a similar theme in the near future, with greater demand for more compact models.

This trend is clearly evident in the UK, which has seen the crossover market explode with new models arriving from almost all manufacturers. A smaller alternative to the NX with all of Lexus’ characteristic elegance and advanced technology would allow the carmaker to rival BMW and Audi – and their respective X1 and Q5 compact SUVs.

Lexus’ refined hybrid powertrains would be perfectly suited to a mini SUV, allowing buyers to benefit from the robust design of an off-roader with no compromise on economy and emission output.

Should the Japanese automaker choose to go ahead with plans for a new SUV, you can be among the first to learn about them with Charles Hurst Lexus in Belfast.