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Irish short road test: Maserati Quattroporte - still want that S-class?

2017 Review By Mark Gallivan

Glamour. Now there’s something rarely associated with a luxury limousine. Removing a Royce or a Bentley from the conversation, the big four manufacturers have never ascended to old-school glamour.

Not a bit of it. Any six-figure Mercedes, BMW, Audi or Jaguar have more serious things to contend with, like transporting glum people about - charmless types like Jean-Claude Juncker. So what’s left for an in-demand architect or a top designer to choose from? Is there a luxury limo out there that exudes a cool, separate élan that’s pure Hollywood?

Well, we think we’ve found one - the 2016 Maserati Quattroporte. After collecting a Quattroporte S from Charles Hurst Maserati in Belfast our mind was made up; the Quattroporte (four doors in Italian), is pure red carpet on Academy Awards night.

With a lithe exterior, the Quattroporte is available with a choice of three engines. A 3-litre V6 Diesel (ignore that one, please), a full-fat 4-litre twin turbo V8 Petrol and the one we tested, a 3-litre Turbo V6 Petrol with 410 BHP.

True, the rear-wheel-drive V6 petrol may not wail like the bigger V8 engine, however a 0-100 kms in 5.1 seconds is sufficiently quick with a growing bark from the four exhaust pipes. Top speed is fast too, with an I’ve-no-idea-Garda 286 km/h. Our car, including options in GranLusso trim, was €145,000 in the Republic (including VRT). Better still, it was a demo and on sale (whisper it) for a lot less. Service costs aren’t as horrendous as you probably thought either. Annually, you will paying around €800 on a three-year service plan with a free concierge collect and return service to and from Belfast.

After a while, disparate things combined to create an intangible magic. First off, the Quattroporte is elegant and belies its 5264mm length (significantly longer than a standard Mercedes S-class)

Inside, rear legroom so generous you will need to opt for a long wheel base version of the rivals to match it. The cabin is Italian cool with most controls activated via a central touch-screen which worked fine but an upcoming rotary menu control for the 2017 Quattroporte will improve this. The suspension is configurable from firm to very firm and steering feel is best in class with every trip being a joy.

Thumbs-up were given from pedestrians and smiles were exchanged in traffic. Everyone loved the Quattroporte S. Over three days, the Maserati proved that, if you take time searching for it there remains cool glamour to be found in the six-figure car club.