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1. Ask any questions and the MOTABILITY SPECIALIST will be happy to try and answer. The specialist can post or e-mail you out any information you would maybe like to look through in the comfort of your own home. The specialist can also send you a brief video of the car or showroom facilities to your mobile phone/computer if that would assist. You may at this stage, if you feel comfortable, like to make an appointment with the specialist to visit the showroom so the specialist can clear their diary at that time and be sitting waiting on you arriving and dedicate that time to you to answer any questions or show you any of our vehicles. Just to confirm the customer who is the person with the allowance must be present at the time of application. We cannot process an application if the person with the disability is not present to complete the paper work and test drive the vehicle to ensure the vehicle is suitable for them. Unless you are the legal appointee for the customer.


2. Before you visit the showroom you can visit our website: and see our facilities. You will find a map of the site to enable you to find the showroom more easily on the site. If you are visiting by bus or train you will find a link on the website to Translink with details of the buses that will bring you to the site. You can see videos of inside the showroom to help you familiarise yourself with the showroom before you visit. If you have any specific needs we can assist you with, please just let us know. For example we have a sensory tent and toys for children with autism.


3. Upon entering the showroom look for reception and ask for the MOTABILITY SPECIALIST. You may be asked if you would like tea, coffee or water. Or if you prefer to help yourself to tea and coffee you will find a sign beside the machine to explain how to work the machine. There is no charge for these please feel free to avail of them.


4. The MOTABILITY SPECIALIST will then take you to their desk or if you prefer we have what we have called "Quiet Rooms", it is an office out of the main showroom where there is not as much noise or as many distractions. If you prefer this please just let our specialist know. If you require higher or lower seating please just let us know.


5. The MOTABILITY SPECIALIST will check your paper work and if you have the correct awards the specialist will take a photocopy of your award notice, utility bill and driving licence of anyone who wishes to drive your Motability vehicle. This is just for the Motability deal file should Motability audit us. This file will be stored in a locked area and sent to a secure location upon completion in accordance with GDPR regulation.


6. The MOTABILITY SPECIALIST will then talk with you to try and establish the vehicle that best suits your needs. You will be offered a test drive in the vehicle but to do this you will be asked to quickly sign a "Customer test drive form", this is just an internal requirement for our insurers. If you do not require a test drive/ test ride you will be asked to note that on the test drive form and sign it so that Motability have confirmation you have been offered a test drive but have decided you do not require one.


7. Once you have selected your vehicle, the MOTABILITY SPECIALIST will then sit with you and go through the brief application process online. At any time you can just ask the specialist for a pause break if you feel you are maybe getting too much information at once or if you want to just read things through. If there is any wording or anything that you don't understand, please just ask the specialist as we are here to help you understand any technical wording that is potentially new to you as the scheme rules could have changed since the last time you ordered your vehicle. You will be asked a few questions as the specialist works through with you to complete 2 forms for Motability (Copies below). A Statement of Responsibility & Sustainability confirmation and a drew fair processing declaration form. The specialist will lastly ask you for a password this is only in case you forget your PIN number on day of collection and again is nothing to worry about.


8. If you already have a vehicle on the scheme and are renewing at this stage the MOTABILITY SPECIALIST will just complete an appraisal of your handback vehicle called a VCD and take a photograph of the vehicle to send to Motability. This is not to check up on the customer or vehicle this is simply done as a Motability need to advertise your vehicle for sale in the next few weeks and need a few pictures and a brief description of the vehicle, so again no cause for alarm.


9. After you leave the showroom you may receive a call from Motability as they can sometimes need to check a few details are correct, this is a standard practice and nothing to worry about. If you do not receive any calls you will receive an envelope from Motability Finance Ltd with details of the agreement, you should read these and check all the details are correct and make the specialist aware of any errors or changes to your circumstances since you placed your order i.e. change of home address or added penalty points to your driving licence so the system can be updated and your insurance informed otherwise your insurance may be invalid. Also in the envelope should be your PIN number. As you may remember on the scheme you used to have to sign the agreement but now, to make it much easier the process has been automated so the person with the disability brings in the PIN number with them on the day of hand over and key it into e-sign or electronically sign the agreement. The PIN cannot be given to anyone else to key in as it is a legal document. For anyone with arthritis we can use an iPad to enlarge the keys and move the iPad to make sure you're comfortable.


10. As soon as your vehicle arrives into the dealership, the MOTABILITY SPECIALIST will telephone to arrange a date that suits you. Remember to bring the envelope from Motability with you on the day you collect your vehicle with the PIN number. On handover day, once the PIN has been keyed into the system, the specialist will print off copies of the agreement, insurance and handover letter to sign. The specialist will then introduce you to the Motability Service Specialist so you know who you will be speaking to when you arrive in for a service. You will receive copies of all the paperwork in a folder to take home with you and a business card for them and the service adviser should you need to contact them at any time. You will be asked to sign the AFRL form to confirm taxing the vehicle.


11. You can of course call into the showroom at any time during opening hours, but you will have to have the vehicle serviced either after one year or after you have driven the relevant amount of miles. Your MOTABILITY SPECIALIST can advise you of the service intervals for year one and two.


Your MOTABILITY SPECIALIST will also explain all the other scheme partners like us who work together to try and make your driving experience "Worry-free" like:

  • Kwik Fit 0330 123 1531

  • RAC 0800 731 1173

  • RSA Insurance 0300 037 3737

  • Autoglass 0300 037 9944

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