'House of Cars' Emily Wilson Talks to Charles Hurst News

The first episode of the much-anticipated Documentary, ‘House of Cars’ has aired this week on BBC One Northern Ireland. Taking a look under the bonnet of the motor trade, the series focusses on several key figures within the Charles Hurst Complex, the largest of its kind in Europe.

Today we caught up with Emily, one of the sales people featured on the show, to find out what she thought of her time in front of the camera.

Emily, an outgoing and friendly 21 year old has worked for Charles Hurst since 2013 and viewers first meet her working at the reception desk of ‘Premium Direct’. During the course of the programme she will transition to a sales role, becoming the first woman to join the team. Colin McNab Jnr, Emily’s manager, has said of her:  ‘The customers love Emily, set her a task and she does it’.

Taking some time out from her busy day, Emily tells us some more about her experience. Would she do it again? Read on to find out!

What is your role within CH? 

I am currently working as a salesperson for Toyota but when filming started I was a receptionist. As I had an interest in sales I asked to be moved into a customer facing sales role.  In the documentary you see me during a trial period going through the features of a car with a customer. Then, I said “it’s not an option to fail, it’s something I have chosen and taken a risk and given up my old job” and that still holds true.

How were you selected to take part in the show?

The Director, Aaron, was filming everyone in the showroom and asked if he could also film me. I didn’t know until recently that I would be featured so prominently!

How did it feel to have cameras follow you around all day?

I was very comfortable in front of the camera and half the time forgot that he was there!  Filming took place over 6 months and with no schedule I could be filmed at any point. 

Did you learn any new skills during the production? 

I’d say that it has really helped develop my sales skills. In the clip where I was talking the customer through the features of the car, I was reading the specification from a sheet which I can’t believe now.

What can viewers expect to see? 

I think what you see is a true reflection of the car sales industry and how it works - a real behind the scenes view.

How would you sum up the experience? 

It was really brilliant and great for people – especially friends and family – to gain an insight into my day and understand what I do on a daily basis. So when I say ‘I sold 4 cars today’ they really understand the process behind it.

Speaking of which….what did your family & friends think of you taking part?

I watched the first episode with my Dad and he was really proud of me. It’s funny as since it went out I have had a load of new friends’ requests on FB from people I don’t know, and the other day I was in the Post Office taxing a car and was recognised there!

Would you do it again?

 Yes, absolutely.​

By Tracey McBain​