More Juice From Nissan e-NV200 Vans

Nissan recently threw down the gauntlet with a £2 challenge to business van owners.

Asking them to charge their e-NV200 vans overnight, which costs – yes you've guessed it, £2 – they are then asked to test just how far this will take them during their respective daily journeys.

One of the participants – London based Fruit 4 London – put their electric commercial van through its paces while making deliveries to customers.

Theres a lot of juice in the e-NV200

Starting with a full load of fresh goodies at New Spitalfields Market in the East End of the city, company director Laszlo Mulato drove a total of 36.6 miles and made 15 deliveries before returning to depot. Upon arrival there he still had 50 percent of the vehicle's original charge remaining, meaning his journeys cost £1 to make, or 6.6p each which is about the same price as 10 stamps these days. Now that is a lot of juice for the money!

If this was a normal day, then the company could expect to make 3,900 deliveries a year, covering around 10,000 miles for a total electricity bill of just £260.

The model's zero emissions performance also enables further benefits as the van is exempt from the London congestion charge, currently £11.50 and also is exempt from road tax charges too.

Laszlo Mulato, Director of Fruit 4 London, said: “This challenge really opened our eyes to the benefits of moving towards an electric fleet and the e-NV200 in particular.

“It's shown us just how much we could save by making the transition and, as a small business, it's hard to argue with figures like that." He was also impressed by the performance of the van too adding that it was, “a very smooth ride, with easy steering."

And if figures are your thing - well the new e-NV200 can cover 106 miles on a single charge, can be powered from zero to 80% in as little as 30 minutes, and costs just two pence per mile to run.

This dynamic electric van brings together the best in design and performance. Combining the Nissan NV200, an former International Van of the Year, with the British-built Nissan LEAF – the world's bestselling electric car - has given us the e-NV200. In addition to low running costs and emissions, users will also benefit from greatly reduced maintenance bills that make for unrivalled total cost of ownership - £1,200 lower than a conventional diesel van over four years.

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By Tracey McBain