Nissan to boost the LEAF's styling and range

Nissan is continuing its developments to the all-electric LEAF, and the incoming model variation will sport a new design and significantly improved range.

The manufacturer has been working hard to advance its battery technology as electric vehicles (EV) continue to grow in prominence, and the new system will arrive with better energy density, according to Nissan chiefs. With this new battery fitted, the updated LEAF is predicted to have a range of 186 miles – a huge leap from the current example's 85-mile limit. LEAF models with smaller battery packs and a lesser range are also anticipated to target motorists whose journeys remain local.

Accompanying the range boost will be a sophisticated new design, which has been previewed through an image obtained by Auto Express. Characteristic brand details including the V-shaped badge surround on the grille and black A-pillars will be included, and contoured body panels are borrowings from Nissan concept cars.

The new LEAF is expected to be officially revealed some time in 2016, as the Japanese carmaker's battery technology will likely debut in 2017. The upgrade comes as EV charging infrastructure continues to emerge, and buyers of the LEAF can benefit from supercharger stations currently under development by Tesla. The stations have the ability to charge EVs in just 30 minutes, and Tesla boss Elon Musk has confirmed that drivers of all battery-powered models can use them.

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