Nissan's Pulsar Graduates First in Class

According to research by student insurance company, Endsleigh, those off to study, have some rather valuable belongings. Figures recently released show that 37% own flat screen TV’s, 34% a games console and 29% a bicycle.

With all of that going on, you’d think a degree in Logistics would be necessary in order to transport everything! Or, if you add up the value of everything in transit at the same time, perhaps a Finance degree would be more appropriate. Neither will be necessary however if you have a Nissan Pulsar.

With class-leading rear legroom and boot capacity, the Nissan Pulsar is a great option for transporting young people and their possessions. And yet it has the running costs of a smaller hatchback, which makes the sums all add up!

Quality touches add a special touch. These include built-in luggage dividers and additional hidden rear boot space which ensure the safety and security of those important items.

Available with Nissan’s popular 1.2DIG-T 115PS petrol engine or 1.5 dCi 110PS diesel engine, the five-door family hatchback offers 385 litres boot space, well above the average for a car in its sector. And with rear seats which can be folded completely flat, the boot can expand to a massive 1,395 litres.

Meanwhile the compact footprint (4,385mm) makes it easier to park in those tight spaces – especially helpful when parents are looking to unload their offspring as close as possible to their student accommodation.

Those looking to make a quick getaway once the drop off has been made, may consider the new turbocharged 1.6-litre DIG-T 190 version of the Pulsar. Providing performance, as well as space, may help make the parting easier.

“Loading the car for University can be almost as stressful as your son or daughter leaving the family home in the first place,” said Bastien Schupp, Marketing Vice President, Nissan Europe.

“But with the Pulsar, we aim to lighten some of the load. With students having more possessions than ever before, boot and passenger space is becoming ever more important to our customers.”

And that’s a curriculum we can all get on board with!