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Nissan Timing Belt

Has your car’s engine suddenly started to make a lot of noise? Does your car throb more than what it used to previously, immediately after turning the ignition on? Does your car lack the power to reach high speeds? These are some of the symptoms that you may be experiencing when your vehicle is overdue a timing belt replacement.

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Benefits of timing belt replacement:


When the timing belt is in great functional condition, your car’s acceleration and horsepower will increase. Whenever you hit the pedal, you will feel the power of your car’s engine which may even surprise you.


All car owners want their cars to deliver high fuel mileage. Changing the timing belt when it’s required dramatically increases the fuel mileage.


A high maintenance bill shouldn’t come as a shock to you if you do not take your vehicle for regular maintenance check-ups. Don’t wait for the perfect time to replace the timing belt of your car. If the timing belt replacement is not done at the right time, then your car’s engine may not be operating as efficiently as it should.


Always remember that the damages caused by a broken timing belt will cost you more than the cost of timing belt replacement. Proper and smooth functioning of your car’s engine is influenced by the functioning of the timing belt.

*Excludes LCV and 4x4