Peugeot to produce further GTi and R models

PSA Peugeot Citroën is in the process of adjusting its model line-up, and one development confirmed for the Peugeot brand is the production of future GTi and R vehicles. The decision was confirmed by product director Xavier Peugeot, who announced at the launch of the 508 facelift that inspiration will be drawn from concept car blueprints.

“There are some ideas which are connected to the concept car we presented at Frankfurt. We want to cover our product ranges with a very sporty model, this is one of our key messages", he stated.

Currently, the manufacturer produces two performance versions of its road cars, and the 308 R concept shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show looks set to evolve into a hot version of the hatchback. “We will develop future sports versions of all our ranges." Commented CEO Maxime Picat.

The Peugeot vehicle family has been given a styling refresh recently, and the addition of tuned engines across the range will no doubt boost its appeal to even more motorists. Comfort and practicality are major strengths of the latest-generation cars, and uprated performance will attract the attention of those looking to inject greater excitement to their everyday journeys.

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