Is the Renault Twingo a Car of the Year Contender?

Top Gear's Richard Hammond thinks so...

Top Gear presenter and Daily Mirror motoring columist Richard Hammond believes the new Renault Twingo, now available at Charles Hurst Renault, is a car of the year contender.

"Different is good and the new Renault Twingo is certainly very different. It's a great little car."

Hammond believes Renault's decision to go rear-engined has reinvigorated the Twingo, citing a tight turning circle, impressive handling and saved space as just a few of the advantages gained from this.

“It'll turn in 8.59m thanks to the front wheels going through 45 degrees. You'll really notice it when you're parking. The Twingo is well behaved, even if you chuck it around. Meanwhile, inside the car you're better off for space with a large storage area under the rear seats, bins in the front and rear doors."

And we agree. This cheery little city car makes you feel happy. It's small and incredibly agile, without losing practicality – the twingo is in its element in the city.

“The Twingo is a great little car that is a good candidate for my Car of the Year title, " said Hammond.

Interested in finding out what all the fuss is about? Why not give it a test drive at Charles Hurst Renault on Boucher Road, Belfast?