Vehicle Checks - Area 1Interim ServiceMajor Service
Check for Body Defects Y Y
Check Mirrors Y Y
Check all Washers and Wipers Y Y
Check Hand Brake Operation Y Y
Check Exterior Mirrors Y Y
Vehicle Checks - Area 2Interim ServiceMajor Service
Check Battery Y Y
Check and top up screen wash fluids Y Y
Check Antifreeze levels Y Y
Check all exterior lights are operating Y Y
Check Seat Belt Tensioners & Operation Y Y
Check operation of Interior Lights Y Y
Check power steering fluid level Y Y
Check/Inspect drive belts Y Y
Visual inspection of cooling system Y Y
Check performance of Air Conditioning Y Y
Check Clutch operation Y Y

Vehicle Checks - Area 3Interim ServiceMajor Service
Remove all wheels, lubricate hubs/refit and torque Y Y
Set tyre pressures Y Y
Inspect all tyres/Including spare for wear Y Y
Inspect front Pads and Discs Y Y
Inspect rear Pads and Discs Y Y
Check Brake Cylinders Y Y
Change Brake Fluid N Y
Inspect Steering Rack Y Y
Check for Oil/Gearbox leaks Y Y
Inspect Rear Brake Shoes (Via Inspection hole) Y Y
Vehicle Checks - Area 4Interim ServiceMajor Service
Replace Engine Oil Filter Y Y
Replace Engine Oil (Fully Synthetic) Y Y
Replace Air Filter Y Y
Replace Fuel Filter N Y
Check Exhaust System Y Y
Check Brake Pipes and Linings Y Y
Carry out road test and report Y Y
Replace Sump Plug washer Y Y
Vehicle Checks - Area 4Interim ServiceMajor Service
Road test operation of brakes Y Y
Road test operation of steering Y Y
Road test operation of clutch Y Y
Road test operation of heating system Y Y
Road test abnormal noises Y Y
Inspect warning lights Y Y
Reset service Indicators Y Y

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