Essential brake maintenance guidelines

Once you understand your brakes and how to maintain their five main components, you'll understand exactly what goes into the brake checks our technicians perform at our on-site service centres. We distinguish the two focus areas for superior brake performance.

Master Cylinder and Brake Lines

Your brakes operate on a hydraulic system, which means they use fluid to transfer the power of your foot into force on your wheels. The master cylinder starts this chain reaction. Keeping your brake fluid topped up and checking it for cleanliness will ensure smooth communication from your foot to the master cylinder.

Calipers, Pads and Rotors

These components all work in unison to bring your vehicle to a stop. The master cylinder sends fluid to the brake calipers, which then squeeze together and apply pressure on the brake pads. You should have your calipers and brake pads regularly inspected for damage to ensure you're getting a smooth connection with the rotors. Most brake pads now come with wear indicators that will flash or squeal to let you know it's time for a replacement.

Scheduling brake checks

Your owner's manual will tell you when it's time to service your brakes. It is good practice to have your brake pads inspected for wear every time you drive another 10,000-12,000 miles. Most cars will require brake pad replacement every 25,000 miles, but this will vary according to your make, model and driving style.

The cost of brake maintenance

Taking the necessary precautions early will prevent any irreparable damage to your master cylinder or brake lines – which typically come with a hefty price tag. Your brakes should be checked every time you book in for a service, and brake maintenance will be significantly more affordable than brake repairs.

Remember that you should find an approved service centre to have the work done, and ensure all replacement parts are genuine model-specific items from your car's manufacturer. This will ensure your warranty remains valid and your car upholds the exacting safety standards that you appreciated when you bought it.

Charles Hurst technicians are highly qualified and approved to work on all makes and models across our many dedicated dealerships. Contact the nearest service centre for your marque to find out more.