Car maintenance checklist

Tick off your car maintenance checklist

In addition to booking annual MOTs, performing regular car maintenance checks will help prevent major damage to your car and ensure your well-being behind the wheel. You can print off and keep this essential maintenance checklist, or click on the links below for more detail about each component of your car.


Weekly pressure checks will help you get more from each tank of fuel, ensuring every journey is as safe and efficient as possible. Many cars come with a tyre pressure warning light to let you know when to pump more air into your tyres. However, it is beneficial to consult your owner's manual for your manufacturer's recommend pressure level. Find out more.


Your engine oil, coolant and brake fluids are all fundamental to the advanced communication systems beneath your bonnet. Warning lights should alert you to low levels or contaminated oil. We recommend having your engine oil and filter changed every six months at an approved dealership to prevent any irreversible damage to the powertrain.


Your brakes are checked every time you service your vehicle. However, it is important to check your brake fluid regularly and report any brake function warning lights on your dashboard. This could mean your brake pads are wearing out – a minor enough issue that, if left ignored, could lead to a pricey repair bill. Find out more.

Warning lights

Use these as a guide to what's going on beneath the bonnet. You can consult your owner's manual to learn more about your car's warning system or read our warning lights advice to find out which signs you should pay most attention to.

Protecting your car year round

You should consider signing up for a warranty once your manufacturer's warranty expires. If you do run into trouble on the road or any of your parts become faulty, the warranty provider will offer a payout to help reduce the impact of a major repair bill.

Remember that a warranty is only valid if you book in for your annual MOT at the right time every 12 months and ensure all new parts and accessories are manufacturer approved.

Speak with an approved Charles Hurst service centre for expert advice on your unique car maintenance needs.