Take control over your maintenance costs

Like your body, your car can get a little run down over time. It is important to allow cushion room in your motoring budget for new parts or repairs, in case you encounter car trouble down the line. However, there are a few things you can do to reduce your risk of unexpected bills.

Invest in your annual MOT

The annual MOT is mandatory to help protect you and other drivers from unsafe vehicles on the road. While it can seem like an inconvenient or expensive commitment, it is a valuable investment that allows you to catch potential faults early. You can then take action to put things right before a bigger – and even more expensive – disaster lands on your driveway.

At Charles Hurst, we regularly run special offers on our competitively priced MOTs. And to take the hassle out of your experience, we'll even collect and return your vehicle from your home or office – you'll meet all your legal obligations without lifting a finger.

Stick to a regular service schedule

Unless you have a car on a variable servicing regime, it is important you book it in for a full service every year or every 10,000 miles – whichever comes first. By having your vehicle regularly maintained, you will also optimise fuel efficiency and save money at the pump during the months ahead.

Oil changes

Keeping a close eye on engine oil is vital for continued performance. While maintaining the oil level of your car is simple enough, knowing when to conduct an oil change and replace the filter is far trickier. Always ensure you consult your vehicle handbook to determine how regularly you need to change the oil. Alternatively, speak to an approved used service centre such as Charles Hurst to ensure you're keeping your model in prime condition.

Consider seasonal health checks

Charles Hurst runs regular offers on summer and winter health checks, and we can even help you fit new tyres when the season changes. For a small cost, these quick services will ensure your car is road-ready and all set for the unique challenges of the season ahead. Our qualified technicians will check everything from the fluid levels to the brakes, windscreen wipers and safety devices, to give you extra reassurance behind the wheel.

Dealing with an accident

If you do need major repair work, having car insurance in place will reduce the damage to your bank balance. Breakdown cover will allow you to specify your preferred garage if your vehicle needs to be towed. Choose an approved service centre, where you can get genuine parts and accessories to ensure your car stays true to its original make and model.