Motoring Costs Checklist


Tick off your motoring cost checklist

You can print off and keep this checklist to help account for all the costs involved in owning, running and maintaining your car. Click on the links below for detailed information about each type of motoring cost.

Fuel Costs

Service your car, pump up your tyres and go easy on the brakes and accelerator to help your tank go further. Find out more here.


Check your credit rating, decide your monthly finance allowance and choose a shorter plan to reduce the interest rates you pay on your car loan. Find out more here.

Car Tax

Shop for a car that emits 100g/km or less of CO2 to earn exemption from road tax (Vehicle Excise Duty). To pay or renew your road tax, visit or visit a post office before your current tax expires. Find out more here.

Running Costs

Consider your average fuel costs, servicing bills, repair costs, parking fees and toll charges - in addition to standing charges including road tax, insurance and financing - to get an accurate estimate of your annual driving costs. Find out more here.


Always factor in an annual MOT and service, plus leave a bit of spare room for repairs in case you run into road trouble. Find out more here.

Congestion Charges

Be sure you're familiar with the charge zone, which is active between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday. You should know how to pay the £10 - £12 fee before the deadline on the next chargeable day immediately following your travels. Alternatively, consider signing up for the Congestion Charge Auto Pay to receive a monthly bill for every day you spend driving in the charge zone. Learn more about payment methods, exemptions and discounts here.