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PROACE comes with a range of body style and length combinations to give you the best fit for your needs. The van has advanced diesel engines and smooth transmissions to combine cost-saving fuel efficiency with great driveability.

Whatever your job, PROACE is every van you need

When you own a small business it can feel as if you're doing the job of many.  The PROACE is here to help, by being designed to be every van you'll need.  Available in three lengths - Compact, Medium and Long - five body styles and featuring impressive capacity and practical access, as well as the convenience of Smart Cargo and Mobile Office solutions.  ​

Toyota at your service

As your trusted partner, Toyota Service provides PROACE business users with the quality and expertise they expect.  Our technicians are trained to the highest standards, only use original parts and provide a level of service that doesn't come at a price.  By offering unbeatable value for money and convenience for all servicing needs.  Toyota can make a big difference in busy lives.  ​

A partner for every job

From small start-up to growing enterprise. Whatever the size of your business, you'll find the PROACE is designed to be every van you need.


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