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Saturday 15th June 10am - 2pm
oyota looks set to present a fresh challenge to manufacturers in the crossover segment after an SUV-styled model was seen testing at the Nürburgring. Given the popularity of the bourgeoning vehicle class, it would make sense that Toyota would have its own offering, and the new model will be based on its Auris hatchback.
Toyota’s Prius has set a new record at the challenging Nürburgring circuit - one that you may not expect. The renowned German track is usually the setting for supercars to smash record lap times, but Toyota’s ultra-efficient hatchback took to the 12.9-mile route to set the most fuel efficient lap, and succeeded
Toyota's result at the 24 hours Le Mans this year was a podium position - yet naturally the manufacturer has indicated some dissatisfaction with the third-place finish
Photographs and Video with our partner Eddie Irvine Sports and Bangor Young Men Football Academy
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