Metzeler Z8. Prices starting from £159 fitted.

ROADTEC™ Z8 INTERACT™ ensures peace of mind in the hardest situations, in the cold or wet, providing ideal handling for true riding pleasure.

Riding easiness, comfort, predictability, easy turn in, progressivity in lean, are provided by the interaction of sport touring profiles with the Greek π tread pattern and the patented Interact™ technology.

Interact™ is the multi tension technology allowing Metzeler tyres to offer the best performance in all conditions; the differentiated tensioning of the steel belt underneath the tread compound gives a tailored performance.

  • High steel belts winding tension in the centre reduces compound movement and increases stability of the footprint area which reduces wear and ensures high speed stability
  • Low steel belts winding tension creates more flexibility and energy absorption, the compound increases the temperature and becomes softer, offering more grip while leaning

The variable winding process of the 0° steel belt guarantees a progressive behaviour at different lean angles without discontinuity of performance.

Available from Charles Hurst Tyres